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Why Do You Need Proper Pest Control Adelaide Solutions For A Bed Bug Infestation

Posted by  Mar 30, 2011

Do you have a commercial complex, like an inn or a hotel where you welcome guests, to stay? That means you are definitely going to be worried about any sort of domestic pest infestation in your commercial complex. That is going to include bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, wasps, bees , and other such pests which share the living quarters of human beings and animals . So if you seeĀ  bed bugs skittering around and your pet dog sniffing and corners, just because he has scented their sickly sweet odour, it is time to call in the pest control experts at Pest Control Adelaide.

But how do you recognise a bed bug infestation? First of all, you are going to wake up in the morning with itchy bumps all over your body. These red bumps are tiny. The bed bugs, unlike mosquitoes, do not leave behind an irritant, when they bite you. So you do not get to know that you have been bitten while you were asleep. However, this itchy feeling appears within the next 24 hours.

So if you see two or more red bumps close together, it means that there are bed bugs hiding away in the cracks of your bed. They may be under the mattresses, or in the wooden joints. This bed bug infestation is normally tackled by householders by pouring boiling water in the cracks, with the intensive use of pesticides, or putting all the furniture out in the Sun while the clothes are boiled to get rid of the eggs, if any.

However, you may temporarily get rid of the bed bugs, but what are you going to do about battling the bed bugs hiding away in cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies? That is when we are going to give you the best and most effective permanent pest controlĀ  Adelaide solutions to take care of the bed bug infestation for you.

So, contact us right away, and get rid of bed bugs, as soon as possible!

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