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Proper Wasp Extermination Is Needed To Successfully Eliminate Wasp

Posted by  Oct 25, 2011

We know that wasps and bees are similar in some ways, but do you know there’s one distinct difference between the two? It is a fact that they both can fly and dart between flowers and plants. Needless to say, both vermin are hazardous to our health and wellbeing. Both have mercurial temperament and choose to attack its victims on a whim. Their difference? Well, a wasp can sting you repeatedly, as much as it wants, while the bee can only do it one time.

Based on findings and research, wasp has the ability to attack and sting its victim to its hearts content. This piece of info is worth remembering especially if you run into a swarm of wasp along the way. The valid explanation for this is because the outer sheath of a wasp, which it uses for stinging, has no outer barbs like those found in bees. The sheath of the bee gets stuck in its victim’s skin because of its outer barbs, not like those of the wasp which comes off cleanly after every attack. So it’s worth remembering that very small but important detail about wasp. It may come in a handy one day.

Although wasp can sting repeatedly, its sting never loses its potency and each sting is as painful as the last one. To demonstrate, the sting of a wasp is like two swords lying parallel to each other. The wasp thrust one of the swords into its victim, which then serves as an anchor to push the other sword deeper. The second sword does exactly what the first sword did and pushes the first sword past it which again goes much deeper – and so on. All this happens within split-seconds of each other. Finally when the sting is well embedded in its victim, the wasp will release its venom, pumping it into the wound.

We don’t have to experience it to wince at the very thought of it. There is no reason to wonder now why a wasp sting is insufferably painful. The important thing to remember is to stay away from wasp whenever you see one. However the problem that confronts us is if the wasp decides to build its nest right in your own backyard. Just imagine what one wasp sting can do to you. Facing tens and more is more than terrifying. The best solution to it is to call for a professional wasp extermination company to remove the wasp nest from your premises.

You are close to committing suicide if you are thinking of doing the job on your own. Being silly and foolish might be the right term. When you are attacked by a swarm of wasp, it can lead to severe complications not counting the trauma you will be experiencing. You might be cured of the stings, but you will need more than medical attention to get rid of the stigma of the trauma. In essence, it will be more sound and wise to hire a professional wasp extermination company to handle the task for you. Not only will you and your family be safe but you are guaranteed that the wasp, including its entire nest will be removed from your premises. The question is, why would you risk everything to do it?

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