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What Pest Control Methods are Appropriate for Various Type of Pests?

Posted by  Feb 16, 2012

There are times when we have to face different problems at home and one of this is pest infestation. Homeowners will be annoyed whenever they see cockroaches and ants contaminating their kitchen while bees and possums are destroying their ceiling. Also, there are mice and rodents roaming around and bed bugs are on your bed waiting for you to rest so they can feed on you. If this is the type of home that you have, will there be any place safe for you to even hide?

It is due to this type of situations that pest control Adelaide strategies has to be employed. As you know, there are different methods meant to solve a variety of pest problems. So if you can find which ones would be effective for the current situation that you are facing, it will be easier for you to deal with your pest problem.

Out of the numerous strategies available via pest control Adelaide services, there are four categories that you must be aware of. These are physical, cultural, biological and chemical strategies. But what can each of these categories provide you?

When we speak of physical pest control Adelaide strategies, this usually refers to the method of eliminating pests with the use of traps and barriers. Methods using fire and temperature control is also a means of physical control. These types of strategies are ideal to use in problems concerning insects and rodents.

Cultural pest control, on the other hand, is more focused on preventive measures such as home improvement and sanitation. These methods shall allow you to make your home less favourable for pest infestation through various modifications. Pests are normally attracted to unclean areas but can also adapt in well-maintained environments. But poorly maintained homes are more prone to pest infestation. This can be an effective method for insects such as termites and cockroaches.

Everyone is also quite familiar with the different biological pest control Adelaide strategies. This method normally involves the use of parasites and predators in eliminating pests. In the process, they are being regarded as pest’s natural enemies. At present, this method is being considered as one of the most effective and humane means of controlling pests.

Most households are also using the chemical approach in getting rid of pests. Since pesticides and insecticides are readily available in most stores, most people believe that this is the most appropriate method to use. However, if not carefully used, some chemicals can be harmful to humans, animals and plants.

In order to avoid unnecessary mistakes in eradicating pests, consulting an expert regarding the most effective strategies to use, has always been recommended.

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